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there are nights when the wolves are silent and only the moon howls

15 September 1987
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i have closet that is almost 100 square feet covered two feet deep in clothes.
i still don't have a major. possible majors: teaching, social work, women's studies.
i am on my third betta fish, richard a.k.a. dick, rest in peace elliott and archie.
i feel young and trendy cos i have my tight jeans tucked in to winter boots and like rihanna and t.i.
beer sampler packs, big sunglasses, cooking with caramelized onions, cooking with garlic, eating locally, eating organically, finding the perfect gift, fine jewelry, longing for my uke, my digital camera, social issues, social justice for all, the somali language, thinking about a cat, trader joes, vintage jewelry and accessories